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10 Must-Know Wedding Fashion Tips, According to Bridal Stylists

A gold engagement ring with a blue gem on the bride's hand. Delicate, pink wedding dress with lace corset

Yes, your wedding day is primarily a celebration of love between you and your partner, but there’s no question that it also doubles as a fashion show. Once you start making your way toward the altar and all eyes turn to you, your wedding dress will immediately be the star of the show, so you probably want to bring your A-game to the aisle.

“Being a bride is such a major, momentous life event, and their look will be documented and remembered forever,” celebrity stylist Samantha Brown says. “They will be the center of attention that day, and it’s so important that they feel completely confident in their bridal style.” That’s why, finding a design that captures your style, personality, and aesthetic is a huge priority.

From the dress shopping experience to the getting-ready process, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to help you look and feel your best for your nuptials. And whether it’s getting your dress professionally steamed or bringing an extra pair of shoes, we’ve highlighted the best wedding fashion tips all brides need to know, according to bridal stylists.

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