11 Ideas for Throwing a Virtual Bridal Shower

From graduations to weddings, we’re all getting used to celebrating milestones online. Bachelorette parties and bridal showers are two such events that won’t be taking place in real life for a while, but that shouldn’t stop you from spending quality time with your closest friends. And here’s a silver lining: a Zoom or Google Hangouts format encourages smaller groups so you can keep the party to those who are most important in your life. As for the activities to organize for your virtual celebration, we’ve got some ideas below. Do you and your friends cherish your monthly workouts? Stream an on-demand session. Do you want to recreate a Mean Girls movie night? Watch it together. Or maybe you just want to convene for gossip and cocktails. There’s nothing wrong with that, too. Here, 11 ideas for your virtual bridal shower itinerary.

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