15 Fun Cake Pop Ideas for Your Wedding

The pastry chef decorates cake pops with satin ribbons. Desserts with pink cream. Tasty food

As your wedding reception dinner comes to a close, you’ll likely want to offer guests a sweet treat to finish off the meal before they head off to the dance floor. Looking for a dessert that is stylish, easy to hold, and won’t be too heavy for guests on the go? Consider serving cake pops at your wedding. These bite-sized cake creations on a stick are a delicious and fun option for couples looking to fill their dessert table with a unique and design-forward treat.

Cake pop baker Laura Poetoehena of Izzy’s Cake Pops shares, “People like these little treats at their events because they are small enough to grab and go, don’t make a mess, and there are so many flavor options.” She adds, “When it comes to customizing cake pops to a wedding a lot of couples will coordinate their reception colors or add edible flowers. Or, you can even incorporate a fur baby into the celebration.”

Want to get some more ideas for cake pops to serve at your own wedding? Read ahead for a variety of fun designs and ways to arrange these handheld desserts at your celebration.

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