15 Ways to Prioritize Your Guests When Wedding Planning

Wedding Guest Book

When it comes to priorities for your wedding, guest experience should rank very high. If it doesn’t, Annie Lee, wedding planner and founder of Plannie.com, says an elopement could be a better alternative for you; after all, ensuring your guests are taken care of might mean some of your own preferences have to take a back seat, and that’s not always the right solution for every couple. In fact, experts agree that finding the sweet spot that keeps guests happy while not compromising on the couples’ vision can be a tough balance to strike. And though it’s impossible to ensure everyone is happy at all times—especially at a wedding—you should be to at least ensure everyone is comfortable. “Guests are the priority of your wedding in my mind,” says Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Events. “Yes, there’s food and beverage and music and dress and décor—but what is all of that without guests? When they’re happy you’re happy.”

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