18 Fall Wedding Ideas To Take Your Big Day To The Next Level

Getting engaged is a big effing deal. But as exciting as looking forward to an upcoming wedding may be, it’s also totally normal to experience planning-related anxiety. Enter: fall weddings. Because autumn lends itself to so much natural beauty–the colors, the foliage, the comfy, cozy weather–planning an event in the fall that gives a nod to the season is a great starting point for anyone experiencing wedding-planning paralysis.

Fall weddings tend to lend themselves to more minimalist approaches and themes, what with Mother Nature taking care of a ton of the décor and the color scheme for you. And the nuptials basically plan themselves from there—just lean into the rustic feels and farmhouse vibes (and FYI: there are tons of place settings, centerpieces, cocktails, and florals that pick up on the beauty that’s made fall the ultimate wedding season).

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