19 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas Sure To Delight Any Couple

Whether you’re the bride’s second cousin twice removed, a family friend of the groom’s mom or someone who’s known the engaged couple for 10 years, figuring out exactly what gift to give newlyweds can be a challenge. Frankly, gift-giving is an art, and if the couple hasn’t registered for much (or at all), you might need a little extra help coming up with the perfect wedding gift. Have no fear, though: There are so many delightful wedding gift ideas for 2020—and far beyond—available right now. We’ve done all the work in curating the ultimate gift guide, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and choose whichever gift speaks to you. You’re welcome.

Of course, there’s rarely a gift that’s perfect for every couple out there. While we can round up some of the most thoughtful gifts, you still need to remember for whom you’re shopping. Does the couple love to cook, or do they prefer to eat out most nights? Are they constantly drinking coffee? What about wine? Do they share a love of music, or prefer a nice game of chess? By asking yourself questions like these, you can land on the perfect wedding gift for just about every couple. It just takes a little work from you, but once you have a simple understanding of the couple’s interests, it’s gets ridiculously easy.

To help get your gift-giving thought process going, we rounded up 19 different wedding gifts. From an essential oil diffuser to custom portraits, there are so many easy—but also thoughtful—gift ideas out there. No matter what the couple likes to eat, drink or do, there’s a gift in the list below perfect for them. Don’t be surprised if they put you on top of the cake at the wedding.

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