2 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle You’ll Love Forever

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You’ve already found “the one,” picked out your dress and even chose your wedding bands. The hard part is almost over — but you still need to decide on the perfect hairstyle to wear on the big day. Up or down? Straight or wavy? Braid or no braid? In order to help answer those pressing questions, we turned to celebrity hairstylist and Kérastase brand ambassador Matt Fugate, who shared his foolproof tips for scoring a style that you’ll love as much as you love your new spouse.

1. Figure out your vibe
Before you speak with your hairstylist, Fugate recommends deciding what you want your overall “feel” of your look to be, whether it’s boho, ethereal, modern or simple. “When you’re communicating with your stylist, how you want to feel and the vibe of the hair is really important. That’s something you need to talk about right away with your hairdresser,” he says.

2. Start a Pinterest board
It might sound cliché, but according to Fugate, Pinterest is completely necessary when it comes to deciding on the perfect style. “I tell all my brides to pin everything that they like — even if you just like a small detail,” he says. “The more pictures the better. It’s always better for my client to bring me 100 instead of just one, because as hairdressers, it removes the error. We see things that the bride doesn’t, so it creates a lot more dialogue. I’m always pointing things out in pictures and the bride is like ‘oh I never thought about that,’ so then we really come to a much more concrete direction.”

3. Choose your hairstylist wisely
“If you’re seeing a hairdresser that gets frustrated with a lot of photos, then you probably don’t want them on your wedding day,” he advises. “You want a patient, understanding hairstylist. This is a big deal – it’s your wedding. I’m the first person you’re going to see that morning.”

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