20 Disney-Inspired Engagement Rings for Your Own Happily Ever After

Man hiding his wifes eyes to offer her an engagement ring for a marriage proposal

For many brides and grooms, Disney movies were their first taste of romance—the sweeping adventures of beautiful, strong-willed princesses and their beloved partners bring love stories to life early in childhood. While most of us will never be an ice queen in a faraway palace or a princess who trades her fins for legs, you can still channel your love for those classic movies with a Disney-inspired engagement ring.

Your engagement ring should be a symbol of true, lasting love, and it should also suit your interests and personal style. If Jasmine, Tiana, Belle, and the rest of the Disney crew hold a dear place in your heart, there’s no reason why you can’t add an element of fantasy to your wedding set. (Although it is funny we never see any of the princesses’ engagement rings, isn’t it?)

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