20 Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Splash at Your Wedding

London, UK - January 13, 2019: Staff at the drinks truck stand in Mercato Metropolitano, the first sustainable community market in London focused on revitalising the area and protecting environment.

After you and your partner are pronounced newlyweds, the celebration can officially begin. Your cocktail hour functions as the perfect transition from a touching ceremony to a full-blown party, so it’s important to create the right ambiance at this phase of festivities. The food and drinks that you offer play a pivotal role in helping your guests let loose and have fun. While many couples opt to serve their booze at a fixed station, a mobile cocktail bar truck is an unexpected alternative that will make your nuptials stand out from the rest.

A mobile cocktail bar is exactly what it sounds like: a stocked bar that travels to you in a vehicle—including a bartender. Although you can implement one into an indoor soirée, it’s an ideal accompaniment to outdoor cocktail hours with plenty of space to work with. By incorporating this interactive element into your post-ceremony party, your friends and family will have no problem mixing and mingling, and they’ll appreciate partaking in such a unique experience. You can also use your traveling bar to double as décor and reinforce your aesthetic, whether it’s vibrant balloons at a colorful bash or arrangements of blooms at a garden fête. These types of drink stations also give you the opportunity to play around with different kinds of sips. You can stick with one specific type of beverage, like Prosecco, or provide every option imaginable, including signature cocktails.

From matte black bars adorned with marquee letters to bohemian setups teeming with pampas grass, there are so many ways to make your moving bar memorable. We rounded up a list of statement-making ideas to include this type of drink station at your wedding. Ahead, see the best mobile cocktail bar truck ideas guaranteed to make a splash.

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