20 Unique Charger Ideas Guaranteed to Upgrade Your Wedding Reception Tables

lock and key wedding guest wedding favor on table setting

There’s no question that your wedding reception tablescape is a standout décor moment that helps bring your vision to life. The items that you use to decorate the tops of your tables play a huge role in setting the tone for your post-ceremony party and supporting your overall aesthetic. Chargers—which are the large, decorative plates that act as a base for other dinnerware to be placed throughout the course of the meal—are details that can have a substantial impact on the vibe and atmosphere of your reception. They are responsible for holding each place setting together and help tabletops maintain a unified look even as other elements are moved in and out.

The options for chargers are truly endless. Maybe you want to choose a pattern that complements the theme of your wedding, such as a floral print for a spring garden fête. If you’re looking to integrate elements from the surrounding landscape, a watercolor design would perfectly enhance a seaside ceremony. You can also infuse your base plate with different colors from your palette. Selecting a charger that matches the hues used in your centerpieces and napkins is particularly effective for cohesion.

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