Wedding Coordinator Vs. Wedding Planner Vs. Venue Coordinator/Facilitator

Bride talking to caterer at her outdoor wedding


Pulling together a successful wedding takes a lot of time, money and help.   The services of Wedding Planners and Wedding Coordinators are specialty services to help the bride and groom create a memorable wedding day.  I work generally as a Wedding Planner/Coordinator combining the best of both worlds and thereby giving my brides and grooms their stress free wedding day and one they can look back to remember the special day it was.

As a “Wedding Planner” you are working with the planning and preparation process of the wedding.  This includes having specific discussions about the needs and wants of the bride and groom with consideration in terms of schedule, resources and budget.  A wedding planner is usually hired early in the process and is your personal consultant with a wide focus on every detail of the event.  Your wedding planner has the expertise and advice that will best suit your vision. The planner will serve as the client’s resource person for vendors, designers and details of the wedding. Your planner will have the organizational skills and variety of contacts in the industry and is present to assist you with decisions.  But, you as the client make the final decision.  They oversee time management for your wedding day, trouble shoot as needed as well as ensure quality control of set up and personalized décor.

The “Wedding Coordinator” works just as that. Generally this person will work with you in the final 2 months of your wedding preparation.  The main responsibility of the wedding coordinator is to oversee and confirm all details and make sure that everything is in order.  Coordination involves everyone connected with the wedding to include the client/couple, their families, vendors, designers,the venue and service staff.  Along with this includes the ceremony and reception from start to finish.  The Wedding Coordinator’s work is generally done mostly on the wedding day itself with the aim to please both the client and their guests.

A Venue Coordinator/Facilitator is one who works for the venue.  They act as a liaison between the bride, groom and the venue.  Their focus for the day is delivering their contracted services for the venue, assuring it is set up correctly, taking care of any unforeseen issues with the venue and being available for any venue related issues.  This person does not generally assist with any wedding coordinating services.

The main difference lies between the Wedding Planner and Coordinator.  Although there are differences, you will find many Wedding Planners also do the work of a Coordinator bringing the expertise of both together.

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