5 Reasons Why Family Members Should Not Be Contracted to Provide Your Wedding Services

Wedding cake split in half with bride and groom figurines in the middle

weddingdisasterThe following post is a guest blog from our friends at Bridal Creations by Essex Florist and Greenhouses!

Getting engaged is a big deal! After all, it is the first step to a life long commitment. It is a once in a lifetime event that you will remember forever. So, here are a few words of advice:

  1. Your friends and family want to be guests at your wedding. Family members and friends are part of your event and you want them to enjoy your wedding. More importantly, they are excited about your wedding and want to enjoy the big event. Which means they are not focused entirely on you. You want people working your wedding who are professionals focused 100% on you.
  1. You Cannot Always Complain to Family Members. You cannot be as demanding of family members as you would those you have contracted. Ask yourself, do you really want the stress and anxiety created by family members who try to help, but want to do what they want and not what you want and need. This is especially an issue when family members are offering to help at no charge. Maybe Aunt Mary’s gift is designing all the flowers, but the designs she is willing to gift are not those that you would be willing to pay for.
  1. You want professionals, not hobbyists. Your wedding is an event that you have dreamed about your whole life and it is one you will remember for a lifetime. You do not want well meaning family members to create a wedding disaster that overshadows your otherwise perfect day. For example, Your DJ should play music for dancing and should be able to announce events during your reception. Cousin George with a Karaoke Machine will likely not live up to this task. You want people who do weddings day in and day out, who know what venues allow, who are professional, and who can identify and correct a problem before it becomes a disaster.
  1. Avoid the “good enough” syndrome. Family members know you. And they know what they can get away with. Certain details might be very important to you, like having the pink table cloths be the same shade of pink that is on the bows you want for the chairs. Maybe you want red lace table cloths, but not ones that Aunt Jenny found on sale after Christmas at Kohls that have Poinsettias in them. Perhaps for your cake, you really want that certain rose florets that is in the cake picture that you gave to your sister, but she makes you a cake that is similar, but omits that one detail. To them, what they have done is “good enough”, but it is not exactly what you want. A wedding professional will give you exactly what you want.
  1. Too much “help” is not always a good thing. As well meaning as family members are, their excitement, enthusiasm, and controlling natures make them a dangerous prospect. You want to have fun with your family, but you do not want months of stress as each member seems to go off in a direction that you are not headed. You are best to share your plans and ideas with your family over lunch, but leave the details to the professionals!



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