5 Things Engaged Couples Should Consider

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Getting engaged is a big deal! After all, it is the first step to a life long commitment. It is a once in a lifetime event that you will you will remember forever. So, here are a few words of advice:

  1. Do not rush to plan your wedding. Marriage is a decision that you should not take lightly, and yet, once you have said “yes” it is one of the most precious moments in your life. You want to savor every moment. Enjoy sharing your news with friends and family. Celebrate! But also spend quiet time with each other considering what YOU want your wedding to be like. Take some time to talk about your wedding together. Decide what is important before other well-meaning family members and friends interject their own ideas.
  1. Do you want to use a wedding planner? Do not dismiss this idea out of hand. Planning a wedding is a stressful process. There are a lot of details to consider, and many, many vendors who are eager for your business. Before you make any decisions, it does not hurt to talk with a certified wedding planner. It does not cost for the first sit down, and if you choose to work with a certified planner, the cost compared to other vendors is more than reasonable. But remember, there are a lot of people who provide wedding planning and coordinating services who are not certified. To help you evaluate them, see 5 Things to Expect from you Wedding Planner
  1. Purchase or create your own wedding planner book. Organization is the key to everything. You will talk with so many different people who will give you brochures, cards, and estimates. You need a place to keep all these items organized. You also might consider setting up a website and an email address dedicated to only your wedding that you would give out to your wedding vendors. If you are sentimental, your planning book can become more of a scrapbook that you can look back on a remember the fun of planning your special day!
  1. Research Ideas. This is where the internet can really pay off. Spend time reading articles like this and talking to friends and family who have planned a wedding. Collect things you like in a digital file so that when you sit down with vendors you can show them your ideas. It makes consultations go much smoother. Plus, good vendors take the ideas you have collected and help you make them your own. But keep in mind, not everything in magazines and on Pinterest is doable. A lot of things are done just for a good picture, but are not always practical. This is where good wedding planner and vendor expertise needs to e relied upon.
  1. PICK THE DATE! You may have a sentimental date, if so, book early. Often, good venues are booked well in advance and dates are often determined by the availability of a venue. Again, this is where having a wedding planner can be helpful. If the venue you want is booked, he or she is going to have alternative venues to suggest that you might like even better. Also, not all venues are the same, and you want to understand your venue before you put your non-refundable deposit down. You might check out our article 5 Things to Know About Your Venue. Also, 5 Things You Should Expect From Your Vendor Contracts, are great articles to read before you sign or pay out a dime.



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