5 Tips to Create A Stress-Free Wedding Day Schedule

It’s been a whole year, fam! One year ago this past weekend, I married my college sweetheart. We’re also celebrating 7 years of being a couple, because we’re cheesy and got married on our anniversary. It’s a day we remember full of joy and great stories. And now, as some of my best friends are becoming engaged and start planning their own weddings, I’ve also been looking back on the planning process.

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely loved wedding planning. Full of excitement and anticipation, it was the ultimate project for a life-long planning and organization freak like me. No matter how much planning you do, though, the actual wedding day will have surprises in store.

So as I reminisce own wedding day, I wanted to share some of the wedding planning tips that helped me create a wedding day schedule that was as stress-free as possible… and the tips I wish I had done, but didn’t.

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