7 Seating Chart Mistakes Couples Always Make, According to a Wedding Planner

wedding seating plan with flower decor

One of the most time-intensive tasks you’ll undertake during wedding planning is creating your seating chart. Painstakingly pairing groups of people together while ensuring each table has an even amount of chairs may feel tedious at times, but it will be totally worth it in the end.

“It creates a luxury experience where guests feel like you’ve thought about them at every turn,” event pro Caitlin Kuchemba, of Clover Event Co, says of assigned seating. “ This way, they don’t have to rush to their table and deal with everybody shuffling.”

Still, deciding who sits where for the dinner portion of the evening takes careful planning, and if you don’t approach it with a sound strategy, it can become a major headache with real consequences on your big day. Read on for the most common seating chart mistakes to avoid—and what to do instead.

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