8 Wedding Bar Design Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Customer Bar at beautiful Wedding Venue

It’s no secret that the bar is the most popular spot at any reception. After your guests down their celebratory flute of champagne, chances are they’re going to make a beeline for the bar, wherever it is. This is the place where your guests will congregate, taste your carefully-selected signature cocktail—and visit again and again throughout the night. And since this place is obvi going to be popular, why not make it an area to remember?

After all, if you incorporate the bar area into your overall design scheme, you may even save money. For instance, if your bar is covered in flowers, who needs a flower wall? And if you include signature signage here (think: a monogram insignia!), you don’t need it anywhere else. But with that in mind, there are a few things you must consider first. One is that your wedding bar should complement your venue’s setting—case in point: the black bar in front of the modern art installation, below. You don’t want a rustic wooden design if your event is in a ballroom, just as you don’t want a dark circular display at a romantic garden party. Next, it’s best to think about accessibility. Because that’s exactly what you need this bar to be, accessible! Size and shape factor into this account so chat with your on-site coordinator, event planner, or rental manager to see what size you can fit in your space without going too, too big. (Your guests need to move around.)

From there, the stocking of the liquor and glassware is up to you! But to get you started, we pulled photos of unique bar set-ups that set the tone of the event in one single shot. (Hey, this is an important design element, ok!?) So keep scrolling to see which monogrammed, personalized, and statement display is right for you, your wedding, and your thirsty guests.

Flower-Covered Base

Photo by Heather Waraksa; Florals by Saipua; Venue by 99Scott

To say that we’re obsessed with this naturally organic beauty would be an understatement. We love this fresh take on a traditionally flower-covered bar because you can just tell it’s authentic to the couple and the venue. It’s all about the aesthetics as this pretty party!

Signature Signage

Photo by Mint Photography

This bar literally makes you say “cheers,” which is exactly what your guests will be be doing as they mix and mingle with the strangers in line. Talk about the perfect icebreaker for perhaps a night-long conversation. Note: The light gray is great color choice as it works well with the greenery, white signage, and concrete floors.

Circular Shape

Jose Villa

If you’re celebrating in the wide open, consider a round shape. This particular bar—at an outdoor celebration in Aspen—offered guests 360-degree views of the spectacular wedding setting. No guests can complain about that, even if they do have to wait in line for a hot second.

Museum-Ready Installation

Photo by Sarah Kate Photography

We love this bar set-up for two reasons: One, it makes a statement of its own; and two, it blends in with the setting. This particular design works because both the bar and art installation share a modern aesthetic and sleek, clean lines.

Statement Shelf

Photo by Jessi Nichols;

Even if you have a plain bar up front, put a party in the back. A statement shelf, like this circular one, allows you to display all the pretty glassware you spent an arm and a leg renting. Plus: It’s functional for the bartenders who are working so diligently to keep the drinks flowing!

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