9 Drive-By Shower Ideas to Celebrate the Future Bride or Mama

Although the current public health crisis has certainly slowed life down, people are still getting engaged, getting married, becoming pregnant, and having babies. Life, as the incomparable Ian Malcolm would say, “finds a way.” And even though typical, in-person wedding and/or baby showers are likely out of the question, drive-by showers have emerged as a way to celebrate an exciting new chapter in a persons’ life while maintaining social distancing and ensuring everyone’s continued health and wellness.

This unparalleled moment in global history has pushed people to be more creative than ever before. High school seniors are hosting virtual proms, college graduates are attending virtual commencements, and couples are swapping vows during virtual wedding ceremonies. So you better believe future brides and moms-to-be (and their loved ones, of course!) are getting in on the action. Turns out, there are a number of ways to create an unique event all your own, and the following parties are sure to leave that someone special in your life feeling celebrated and loved. When life finds a way, throw a drive-by parade.

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