Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?

Where do I begin? Do you know that the average wedding takes approximately 250 hours (over 6 full weeks) to plan! By hiring a Wedding Planner/Coordinator, you can same the time you spend researching and planning. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful when you do not have the time to put into it. Your wedding is an important and expensive event in your life and it makes sense to hire a professional to assist you. A Coordinator will have all the relationship contacts with only the best wedding professionals. Best of all, having a Wedding Planner means that you, your friends and family can relax and enjoy all of the amazing experiences and emotions that come on your wedding day without being stressed.

When is the best time to select a Wedding Planner?

How long do you want to stress over planning your wedding? This question will let you decide on the urgency in which you want to consider when to hire a Wedding Planner. If you would like to have your Wedding Planner help with venue selection and or vendors, I recommend hiring your planner as soon as you get engaged. However, couples that already have their venue and selected vendors, a month of planning/day of will work. It is never too late or too early to hire your Wedding Planner.

When hiring a Wedding Planner, can I still be involved with planning my wedding?

This is your wedding and having your input is absolutely critical. It is up to you as to what your level of involvement will be. I am here to help your planning go smoothly along the way.

I am planning my wedding in 6 months, is that too late to hire a Wedding Planner?

Absolutely NOT! I love a challenge and it can be done. You will most definitely be involved in your planning but not become overwhelmed as I will keep you organized during the process.

I am already working with a Coordinator/Catering Manager at my venue and they are very helpful. Why do I need your help?

This is a question I frequently hear? Typically the coordinator/catering manager typically have the job of overseeing the wedding details that are directly related to the venue. It is not their job to confirm and coordinate with your vendors, run your rehearsal, oversee outside vendors the day of your wedding, cue you down the aisle at your ceremony and make sure all of the day’s events are running according to schedule. As your personal Wedding coordinator, my services supplement the services offered by the Venue Coordinator/Catering Manager. I work directly for you!

Is the Coordinator I meet with the same Coordinator I work with the entire time?

YES! I will meet with you and will be working with you during your entire planning process and on your wedding day. I also have an assistant with me on the day of your wedding to assist as well.

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