‘Corona brides’ stay positive amidst uncertainty

Wedding planning can be full of anxiety and tough decisions for many, but the brides and grooms planning spring and summer 2020 weddings have been forced to combat an unprecedented obstacle.

With only five days between her and her big day, AnnaCarrol Marie Arnold had to cancel her wedding. Opting instead for a smaller ceremony, which took place a mere 24 hours before the Tuscaloosa citywide curfew commenced, Arnold and her groom were forced to reconcile with the changes that the novel coronavirus imposed on their wedding.

“My initial feeling at the thought of changing my wedding was close to devastation, as the wedding was only five days away and we had already made it so close,” Arnold, a UA law student, said. “Every single day until I made the announcement, I was holding out hope that we could make it to the wedding date despite the virus.”

Arnold debated for six days about whether to postpone her wedding, but when the Alabama Department of Public Health prohibited all gatherings of 25 or more people, she knew she had to.

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