Creative Flower Girl Alternatives: 20 Unique Things to Carry

Flower Girls racing towards Wedding Reception

 Instead of a basket filled with flower petals, give your flower girl something more fun and creative to carry down the aisle. Here are our favorite flower girl alternatives guaranteed to get a chorus of “Awwws!”

1. Pets

It may sound equal parts funny and equal parts adorable, but instead of having your flower girl toss rose petals, you can have her walk or carry your pet down the aisle — that is if she’s okay with animals (and the animal is okay with kids).

2. Balloons

Replace the flowers by handing your flower girl a bouquet of tiny balloons to walk down the aisle with instead. It will be magical in photos, and a colorful treat for her to enjoy as she makes her way toward the front of the ceremony aisle.

3. A Photograph of a Passed Relative

If you’re looking for a way to remember someone who is no longer with you or who couldn’t make it to the wedding, you can have your flower girl carry a picture frame with his or her photo inside down the aisle.

4. Confetti

What can a flower girl throw instead of flowers? Confetti! Your flower girl can kick off your entrance with colorful confetti tossed all over the aisle. If your photographer is uber talented, you’ll probably get some beautiful photos of her smiles as she throws confetti.

5. Feathers

Just imagine it: Soft feathers gently floating down next to your flower girl as she prances along. This flower petal alternative isn’t too far off from the original, but provides a unexpected twist on your littlest attendant’s walk down the aisle.

6. Seashells

What does a flower girl carry for a beach wedding? How about a coconut filled with tiny seashells! This is a great way to weave a beach theme into yet another aspect of your ceremony.

7. Ribbon Wands or Pinwheels

How darling would your flower girls look carrying ribbon wands in your wedding colors? Plus, it will make them feel like little fairy princesses. Alternatively, you can have them carry pinwheels for added whimsy.

8. A Garland

Send your flower girls down the aisle carrying a lush garland of greenery to display at the altar once they arrive.

9. Leis

For a Hawaiian twist, have your flower girl carry leis down the aisle, which the bride and groom can later give to each other to wear during the ceremony.

10. Sign and Flags

Send flower girls down the aisle carrying a sweet sign or flag with a message reading something like “Here comes the bride!” or “Wait ’til you see her.”

11. A Parasol

Using a parasol is another clever way to get a message across during the flower girl’s walk. Having a sweet or meaningful message painted or embroidered on the back of the parasol that guests can read as the flower girl walks by.

12. Pine Cones

Have the flower girl toss miniature pine cones for a perfect winter wedding touch. You can spray paint the cones with white, metallic gold or silver for an added touch, or leave them au naturale.

13. Leaves

Leaves are a go-to for the flower girl’s stroll down the aisle (this is one of flower girl alternatives for fall weddings!).

14. A Candle or Lantern

Older flower girls can probably handle carrying a flame, but for littler flower girls, try flameless candles.

15. Twinkle Lights in a Mason Jar

For a truly boho affair, nothing beats twinkle lights wound up in a mason jar. From a distance, it looks like fireflies and the effect is magical.


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