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Expert Wedding Planners Share How to Decorate a Wedding Without Flowers

Night wedding ceremony with a lot of vintage lamps and candles on big tree

Flowers tend to play a big role in setting a celebratory mood by emphasizing a wedding’s color palette and style—but many couples are actually exploring alternatives to fresh blooms, with sustainability being one of the main reasons. “There’s a lot of waste associated with florals,” shares Michelle Cousins, owner and principal designer at Michelle Leo Events in Salt Lake City, Utah. “They’re typically disposed of after a celebration as they’re generally at the end of their life cycle when used at weddings.” Oftentimes, the arrangements are too large for the couple and guests to transport home and many times the attendees have traveled to a wedding, making it difficult to enjoy the flowers in their homes afterward.

That said, many wedding experts are predicting more eco-friendly floral alternatives in 2023. “A huge trend will be fresh vegetation and living tablescapes,” says Mandy Connor, the owner and lead planner of Hummingbird Events & Design in Boston, Massachusetts. “I’m advising clients to think of their tablescape as a personalized work of art, incorporating things like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and organic elements to add depth, color, and interest to the table design.”

Ahead, wedding planners share their favorite floral substitutes, from potted plants to sculptures, creative lighting designs, and more!

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