Here’s How to Set Up Your Zoom Wedding

Not long after shelter-in-place mandates were issued, I was invited to my first Zoom wedding. With only 10 days notice until the blessed event, I had very little time to prepare—but then I realized I didn’t have to prepare anything. No flights or accommodation to book, no plant-sitters, no new outfit.

But while, as a mere attendee, I had very few responsibilities, I realized that couples who wanted to livestream their wedding had to face a whole new world of decisions. Whether it’s toggling the Zoom view between vows and then throwing to a musician in a different room, or making sure it’s legal to get married virtually, the substantive elements of a wedding were all there, but the logistics were all so different. How did they do it? Below, Vogue talks to wedding experts and couples who successfully pulled off a live-streamed wedding.

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