How to Beat the Post-Wedding Blues

Feeling a little funky after your wedding day? You’re not alone.

While it’s portrayed that post-marital bliss is supposed to be the happiest and most exciting time of your life, little consideration is given to the fact that some might be seriously struggling to adapt to post-wedding life. No, it’s not that being married to the love of your life that’s making you sad, it’s the fact you might be mourning the passing of your wedding. Sounds strange, but true.

Think about it: Since the average wedding takes over a year to plan, all of a sudden not having this big event to anticipate, plan for, and, yes, even stress over, can create a serious break in routine and require some adjusting. Chances are, your wedding-planning efforts have taken up much of your free time, have been the focus of lots of your conversations, and have kept you pretty darn busy. So, what’s a girl to do?

If you’ve found yourself feeling a bit blue after you’ve said, “I do,” find some solace in the fact that its normal, and quite common. Here are some ways to beat the bridal blues.

Work it Out

Just because your big day has passed doesn’t mean your fitness and health routines should come to a screeching halt. In fact, physical activity has been shown to enhance mood and your overall sense of wellbeing. With your newfound time, schedule some fun classes that are of high interest to you. Perhaps enlist a bestie or two to join you and make it a more social event. Yoga can be an excellent way to decompress and chill out, while cardio can help you to release some stress and push yourself. Whichever you choose, physical activity can help you keep busy and healthy, without the added pressures of your wedding day goals. Yes, working out CAN be for fun!

Embrace a New Hobby

Remember back when you were wedding planning and there was so much you wanted to do, but didn’t have the time for? Well, now you do! Whether you want to get into CrossFit, practice pottery throwing, learn a new language, travel, or start a new side hustle, now you can! Be sure to maximize this time to try something new, and bonus points if you do it with your new spouse. Finding something productive and enjoyable is key to feeling good and spending your free time wisely.


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