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How to Create a Custom Dance Floor for Your Wedding Reception

Romantic elegant newlywed couple dancing at wedding reception, smoke background

After exchanging vows, it’s time for you and your new spouse to celebrate with your loved ones. But before you get to the point of welcoming all of your family and friends into the reception space, there are a number of decisions to be made in regards to dĂ©cor. From chair selection to floral arrangements to the silverware, the details you choose impact more than just the look of your reception—they contribute to the overall feel of the party, too. If you really want to make a statement, there’s one element of the reception that you should definitely consider customizing, and that’s the dance floor.

While your venue might already have a dance floor, why not get creative and bring in a custom design? “So many memorable and highly photographed moments at weddings take place on the dance floor,” shares wedding planner Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events. “Setting the stage for those moments means creating the perfect backdrop. A custom dance floor is a single design element that makes a huge visual impact.”

Want to learn about different ways you can customize this essential part of your reception? Ahead, Zabinski shares how to customize the reception’s dance floor.

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