It’s Officially Time to Think Beyond the Veil

Beautiful young bride with wedding makeup and hairstyle in bedroom.Beautiful bride portrait with veil over her face. Closeup portrait of young gorgeous bride. Wedding.

There’s something about a wedding veil that feels quintessentially bridal, and many people would say that draping that elegant piece of fabric down your back is the moment your bridal attire becomes wedding-worthy. But despite the fact that it’s been around for centuries, this classic headpiece isn’t a requirement for your nuptials.

For modern brides, wedding veils are synonymous with an outdated tradition that can detract from their overall wedding ensemble or theme. “I think the importance of a bride to look modest in the eyes of her spouse has become somewhat archaic,” fashion designer Andrea Pitter says. Choosing another accessory gives you the opportunity to express your individual style, build upon your theme, or give guests a glimpse into your relationship. “Wearing something other than a veil represents choice,” Pitter explains. “While I love a good veil, I love freedom more.”

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