69 Looks From the Spring 2023 Collections to Inspire Your Bridal Look

Fashion lady in spring scenery wearing flower dress

Getting married can be stressful. Actually, let me rephrase that: Getting married will be stressful. The guest list will be a nightmare, you will get in at least one nonsense fight with your significant other, and the seating chart will keep you up for weeks, but figuring out what to wear? That should be the best part of it all.

The stereotype dictates that all women want to look like Disney princesses. That’s certainly incorrect, but one thing that the stereotype does get right is the concept of fantasy. Of course, fantasies are as unique as those who hold them. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a minimalist queen, perhaps you’ve always wanted to wear the kind of dress that people look at on the runway and wonder who would wear that in real life, or perhaps you’ve stared at an image of Bianca Jagger’s white wedding suit with her huge hat and thought, God, I wish I had the guts to do that. Well, now’s the chance to do it!

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