Open Weed Bars are Now a Thing


Open bars are honestly one of the main reasons people attend weddings — and of course to witness the couple’s union or whatever. But as the recreational use of marijuana is becoming legalized across the country, we’ve seen a number of events that have opted for an open weed bar over serving alcohol, and there’s a few benefits there already. You won’t have to worry about your uncle (or anybody) getting belligerently hammered and everyone will love the food even if it’s complete sh*t. You might have a few sleepy guests, but overall, serving pot over booze sounds like a great option. So, when I attended the Cannabis Wedding Expo in San Francisco and saw a budtending vendor, I had to ask a few questions.

I spoke with Andrew Mieure, founder of elegant event budtending service Top Shelf. What his company provides is everything but the weed, including knowledgeable staff (or budtenders), smoking accessories, and the company’s mobile bar. To clarify, Top Shelf Budtending is in no way part of the purchase or distribution of marijuana; the company simply helps facilitate the fun as safely as possible at your event. States like Colorado, California, Oregon, Maine, and Massachusetts have “gifting” laws that allow adults over 21 to “gift” up to an ounce to another adult of age. If a couple wants to offer weed at their wedding, they need to legally purchase it themselves and make sure their venue permits smoking and that the event is private and ticketed/guest-listed. Top Shelf then comes in to help educate your guests and serve them.

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