Six genius tips and swaps to save money on wedding food – without anyone noticing

Food and Drink Table at Outdoor Wedding
 As anyone planning a wedding will know the catering bill is almost always the biggest strain on your budget.

The cost of laying on a memorable meal for every guest is often extortionate – but a savvy wedding blogger has revealed that it doesn’t have to be that way.

A wedding blogger has revealed the best ways to save money on the catering for the big day – without sacrificing the quality

Writing for Martha Stewart Weddings, pro planner Alyssa Brown revealed the six handy catering tips which could save you a fortune on the big day.

Crucially, this advice can cut costs without any of your cherished guests even noticing – thanks to some discrete swaps and very clever tips.

For example, it’s wise not to get too obsessed with the desserts – and you can almost certainly cut back on the number of courses without anyone minding at all.

Here are the six nifty tips which will help you say “I do” to wedding money saving.

Be a swapaholic

Alyssa writes that there are some easy swaps you can do which will save money without reducing the quality of your meal.

For one, seafood tends to break the bank – so cut out the shrimp and lobster and try finding some affordable cuts of fish instead.

Likewise, steak is almost always more expensive than chicken, lamb or veggie options, and picking a clever first course can save you money further down the dinner.

If you start with pasta, lasagna or a grain-based salad, the first course should be filling enough to save you overspending on more than one mai

Divorce the extras

Caviar, cheese boards and other fancy canape-style treats may sound nice but there’s really no need for them.

Ditching these extras – or at least replacing them with cheaper, veggie alternatives – will save you bags of money on catering, and nobody will miss them.

Instead, if you’re looking for a late-night snack, serve comfort food like grilled cheese or pizza slices.

Not only will this save money, your guests would probably prefer a tasty slice of pizza to a pretentious pate anyway.

Cut the courses

Nobody is at your wedding for the dinner: they’re there to party and have a good time.

Bear this in mind while you’re thinking about how many courses you’re serving up, and remember that nobody likes to dance after gorging on a massive meal.

Often, just two filling courses will be plenty – and it’ll leave everyone more time to party if the dinner doesn’t drag on.

Ditch the desserts

Weddings come pre-made with a great dessert choice – the cake.

So you should resist the temptation to offer a whopping great dessert buffet as well, since your guests probably won’t be too keen on sickly puddings before a long night on the booze.



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