The 10 Most Romantic Glamping Honeymoons in the U.S.

rear view of affectionate couple enjoying summer vacation in glamping house

To a certain type of person—and you know who you are—there’s nothing more seductive than the idea of cozying up around a campfire, complete with marshmallows on sticks, warming libations, and a blanket of stars above you, with not another person for miles. While that image is not the only one that illustrates glamping, it’s surely a compelling one. These days you can glamp anywhere—hot or cold climates, mountains, deserts, forests, or beaches. It’s the catch-all term that’s become so popular to describe an experience more luxurious than straight-up camping in a tent with sleeping bags. There are many takes on glamping in the U.S. and abroad—and countless price points—with many in absolutely sublime locations that scream honeymoon bucket list.

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