The 37 Best Colored Engagement Rings That Will Rock Their World

Couple browsing engagement rings together in Maryland Jewelry Store

Ever since De Beers launched their historic ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ campaign in 1948, women around the world have defaulted to the sparkling gemstone as the engagement ring of choice. But that was over seventy years ago—a lothas changed since then. Trend shifts in recent years have unveiled a yearning for something less expected and nontraditional when it comes to bridal jewelry, which is why a colored engagement ring is likely something you’ve had on your radar for some time now.

Colored engagement rings encompass both fancy color diamond rings and vivid gemstone rings such as rubies and sapphires. Essentially, any design that brings in color can be a striking pick for an engagement ring and thanks to designers both classic and contemporary, there’s a slew of beautiful pieces to choose from.

Read on for the best colored engagement rings.

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