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The 5 Most Popular Wedding Colors for 2023

wedding table with dark blue tablecloth, cutlery, glasses and napkin

If you are getting married in 2023, there are so many fun design trends that you can tap into while crafting a stunning celebration for you and your spouse-to-be. As you’re getting started on curating the look and feel of your ceremony and reception, you might want to take a peek what the popular wedding colors of 2023 are. According to pros in the wedding industry, it’s a fun time to experiment with shades ranging from light pinks to moody blues and greens.

“We will definitely see more color than usual this year as couple’s experiment and take color hints from their venues,” notes Mary Baugh, VP of graphic design at Mariée Ami. “For example, a Texas Hill Country bride chose colors from the sunset at the venue as her inspiration, with lots of deep oranges and warm rose tones.”

These shades will also be infused together in singular palettes to create even more visual intrigue in the design. “2023 wedding color trends will be marked by a dichotomy of deep saturation or the palest pastels,” says Lyndsey Moore, principal designer of Lynden Lane Co. Baugh adds, “Couples are also treating blue and green as neutrals and using complementary colors as accents.”

While plenty of hues will be seen at nuptials this year, read ahead to see what planners say will be some of the biggest wedding color trends of 2023.

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