The 8 Best Pink Champagnes to Serve at Your Wedding

Two glasses filled with pink Champagne with flowers

There’s nothing more celebratory than popping open a bottle of Champagne on your wedding day. While any type of this bubbly beverage will elevate your special event, one particular kind we’re partial to is pink Champagne. Also known as rosé champagne, this drink gets its signature pink hue—ranging from pale blush to salmon pink—by mixing three grapes: Pinot noir, pinot meunier, and Chardonnay.

Due to its light, refreshing, and crisp taste, pink Champagne is a crowd-pleasing choice that your guests won’t be able to pass up. Plus, incorporating it into the activities surrounding your nuptials will add a splash of color and sophistication to any aesthetic. Although pink or rosé Champagne is a year-round type of drink, it’s especially fitting for late spring or summer soirées due to its fruity flavors. Whether you welcome your friends and family with a glass of bubbly before the ceremony or pour a bottle of the beverage down a tower of coupes at the end of the night, using rosé Champagne on your special day will provide a fun, romantic, and lavish touch.

Are you thinking about bringing this brightly-colored drink to your vow exchange? We asked the experts to share the top bottles that deserve a spot on your big day. Read on for the best pink Champagnes to serve at your wedding.

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