The Biggest Mistake I Made When Shopping for My Wedding Dress

I think of myself as a good decision maker. I can choose a dish from a lengthy restaurant menu easily and efficiently. I can pick an image to post on Instagram quickly and competently. I can decide what coffee maker to buy from the depths of Amazon in one fell swoop. But when it came to buying my wedding dress, I was clearly not this way.

Let me preface: I absolutely loved shopping for my wedding dress—the excitement, the fun, the free-flowing champagne, feeling like I was Carrie Bradshaw in the first SATC movie twirling and posing in a stream of over-my-price-range extravagant gowns. But the feeling soon starts to fade when you’re faced with making the final decision on something that will probably be the most expensive item you’ll ever own. The so-called “magical” experience was, quite frankly, stressful.

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