This Is Legit the Worst Wedding-Day Advice Brides Actually Received

Beautiful Asian Bride holding White Roses on Wedding Day

If you invite people you don’t really want at the wedding, assuming they won’t come, prepare for unwanted guests!

“We got so much random advice before our wedding last November, but the craziest to me was to take photos weeks before the big day in my wedding dress with my fiancé. This is really popular in Utah, where I live, and it’s so strange to me! How are your photos supposed to look natural? The idea is that you’re not as stressed on your wedding day taking photos, but it just seems so forced and fake. We ended up scheduling another shoot the weekend after our honeymoon to get more photos just in case we didn’t get everything we wanted on our wedding day. It turned out wonderfully because we were able to get beautiful, relaxed photos. I’ve been telling all my friends to do this because we weren’t stressed on our wedding day taking photos for three hours.” —Brittany

“I was advised to get out thank-you cards within a month of the reception. This is unrealistic. You are exhausted after spending upwards of a year doing wedding planning, and for many people a honeymoon immediately follows. As long as thank-you cards are out six to eight weeks post reception, you’re fine. Confession: I got my cards out three months after, which was a bit delayed, but no one blinked an eye.” —Ann

“The worst advice, which I heard over and over, is ‘Make it all about you.’ This isn’t your 13th birthday, and you don’t need a crown and a spotlight. This is a chance to come together and celebrate with your entire family.  Make the wedding about us and them and we and the new family you now have together.” —Brandi


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