Today’s wedding desserts are as unique as the couples

Couples are striving to put their personal touch on everything having to do with their wedding — and this includes the cake. So much so that the age of the multi-tiered white wedding cake seems to be over, replaced with a wide array of sweet treats.

“Millennials are all about the new and the trends,” said Karina DeJong, owner of Rosebud’s Sweets and Treats, a home-based business in Raymond. “They want to create an experience for their guests.”

Benson Bakery, which has been in business since 1933, used to create extravagant tiered wedding cakes, full of fondant flowers and iced string art.

“I did a six-tiered cake, it was the scariest cake I’ve ever done,” said bakery manager and cake decorator Becky Halverson, who has worked at the bakery since the 1970s.

Today, couples are ordering smaller and simpler cakes, along with dozens of cupcakes, if they want cake at all.


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