Wedding Projector Ideas That Aren’t At All Cheesy

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State-of-the-art technologies like Snapchat geofiltersdrones, and projectors have taken the weddings world by storm, and they’re only expected to become even more popular in 2018. That last one might come as a surprise—the word “projector” usually brings to mind taking notes in a classroom or watching a film unfold on the big screen. However, wedding vendors are utilizing this decades-old device in groundbreaking new ways.

We got the scoop on creative ideas for bringing your big-day vision to life with a projector. Whether you go all-out with a customizable fantasy venue setting or use it to broadcast your love story, the following ideas will leave guests in awe.

Projection Mapping

The biggest development is projection mapping, which has early roots inside Disneyland and General Electric. High-resolution imagery and videos are seamlessly projected onto the walls and ceiling of virtually any event space, transforming it into an entirely different and unique environment (no 3-D glasses necessary). You can transport guests to any city or landscape in the world without ever leaving the room.

“Projection mapping provides a visual journey that no static wedding décor could ever achieve,” says Ariel Glassman from The Temple House, an award-winning venue located in Miami Beach that specializes in this technology. She recommends starting the evening without it so that guests can enjoy the natural architecture of the space. For maximum impact, time the projection mapping with a pivotal moment in your wedding (e.g. right before you walk down the aisle or during the first dance).

Here are a few different examples of creating an immersive environment through video:

1. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on flowers that will get thrown away the next day, you can achieve a similar effect for less by projecting floral décor onto the wall. This wedding at The Temple House featured a stunning forest scene for the ceremony. As the bride walked down the aisle, rose petals appeared to “fall” from the sky, thanks to the magic of motion graphics.

Courtesy of The Temple House; Coordination by Teresa Blumberg og Blumberg Events; Projection Mapping & Lighting by United Projection; Furniture, Décor, & Florals by Event Effects Group

After the flip of the room for the reception, this couple chose to continue some gorgeous floral scenes before the dancing really got started, and then the visuals became more abstract and fun.

Courtesy of The Temple House; Coordination by Teresa Blumberg og Blumberg Events; Projection Mapping & Lighting by United Projection; Furniture, Décor, & Florals by Event Effects Group

2. This bride used Monet paintings as the inspiration behind her reception décor at the Waldorf Astoria New York. “Even on the stillest of days, there is motion and life all around us,” says Bentley Meeker from Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc. “We created a magical environment by having the willows and water lilies move very, very slowly to create the sensation of a light afternoon breeze.”

Photo by Arnold Brower Photography; Event Planning by Barbara Esses; Lighting, Content, & Projection Mapping System by Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging, Inc.

3. “If you’re hosting your cocktail hour and reception in the same room, you can incorporate video mapping so that the surrounding scenery and mood transforms as you make your way from one part of the celebration to another,” says Kevin Dennis from Fantasy Sound Event Services. For example, this wedding planned by Sandy Espinosa from Twenty7 Events at The Temple House transitioned from a gold textured background for dinner to a glistening starry curtain for the mother-son dance.

Courtesy of The Temple House; Projection Mapping & Lighting by United Projection; Florals & Decor by Ines Naftali Floral and Event Design

Accent Projection Mapping

Draw attention to specific wedding details such as your plates, dress, cake, or more using accent projection mapping, where content for specific objects plays from low-profile projectors. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoonsoffers cakes utilizing this technology so that couples can use their confection to tell an animated story, serving as a fantastic focal point for the reception.

4. Choose from an extensive library of classic Disney films for your cake animation.

5. Couples also have the option of creating a custom projection using their own personal images or videos. For example, this couple’s wedding inspiration was “best day ever,” a quote from the movie Tangled. They not only incorporated the phrase on their cake, but also on their aisle runner, reception décor, dance floor, and as a custom Snapchat filter.

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